Why "The Search Offices"?

What makes us different? Why choose the Search Offices over the many other agencies who solicit your business?

The 3 T's :

Tools – we maintain "state of the art" software/technologies to ensure that we stay ahead of all other agencies. This not only allows us to cast a massive net but also the ability to target and refine our searches such that we can get to those who might not be looking as they are happily employed at your competitors right now.

Techniques – employing proven "old school" recruiting methods (direct recruiting where we are calling people who are currently working versus those who have themselves out there) coupled with the latest in job-board and internet sourcing methods gives us a great advantage over virtually every other agency out there. Those who rely on Monster, Dice, LinkedIn, etc only have access to a fraction of talent out there.

Teamwork – working together in a collaborative manner has enabled us to consistently produce more efficient results. We are all constantly learning and always welcome change when it comes to ways to improve. This mentality has allowed us to become better servants to our valued clients, for in the end that is the very reason why we are here and do what we do...

We want your business. We want the opportunity to prove to you that we can and will be your finest resource when it comes to fulfilling your needs to bring aboard top talent. If you want cheap there are others, if your sales numbers truly matter to you and your company then hopefully you'll recognize that value is far more important than saving a few dollars. You cannot buy a Mercedes, Porsche or BMW for the price of a Kia! The difference in pricing between cheap and excellent here is minor but the impact is huge both short and long-term, why take huge chances when your company's bottom line depends on beating your competition? You are going to invest a lot of time and money simply in interviewing and such on candidates let alone the revenue they are expected to generate, why try and save a couple thousand dollars and get cheap results? Would you use a cheap parachute? A cheap eye surgeon? Why bring aboard second-rate salespeople when they are the life's blood of your company?


The Search Offices

is absolutely committed to providing our clients with the utmost in professionalism, integrity, and performance while also acting as an agent for our candidates as well.

  • We will do what is right, not what is easy
  • We are committed to being of character and integrity not self-serving
  • We will outwork and outsmart our competition to constantly prove our value